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No matter how simple or complex, Pro Systems is available to help you obtain the best possible web site for your money. A typical web site may range in cost from $500.00 to $10,000.00, based on the contents and graphics. In addition, some functions like e-commerce and database management will increase the design cost.

Your First Web Site - Suggested Design Components

If you are ready to create your first web site, we are ready to help. We suggest that your first web site includes the following:

  • Your own domain name (www.yourname.com) and e-mail addresses (name@yourname.com). You can register your domain name here. Even if you are not ready to create your web site, grab your domain name before someone else does.
  • The overall design should be clean, easy to understand and include proper navigation.
  • Each page should include the following:
    • Some graphics and animation, but remain quick loading
    • Offer the viewer the ability to send e-mail and request information
    • "Meta tags" for better search engine placement
    • The ability to return to the main page
  • Initial welcome page with a general description of your business and your company's mission statement.
  • General description of your products and services with links to more detailed information.
  • What's New page for the most current information and announcements.
  • Available Jobs at your business with a list of the company benefits.
  • Contacts page with information about locations, departments, employees, phone / fax numbers, e-mail addresses, hours of operations, directions / map, etc.
  • Request / order form to allow the viewer to place an order, request information / catalog or to send a comment or complaint to you.
  • Statistics about the traffic to your web site.

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After Your Web Site is Active

Many people think that their Internet marketing ends when their web site is active. This is simply not true. If you want your web site to be effective, you must do the following:

  • Register your web site with at least the top 50 search engines. Don't forget to register the main web site page and all other important pages. PSIsites will register your web site with up to 600 national and international search engines and directories for $ 9.95 per page ($ 29.95 minimum). For more information on this registration service, click here.
  • Use your domain name and e-mail addresses on all business stationery and marketing material.
  • List your domain name with associations, organizations, trade publications and any other publication or media that will get your domain name in front of your customers and prospects. Add links between your web site and the web sites of these companies whenever possible.
  • Keep your web site current. No matter how great your web site is, it must be updated on a regular basis. We design the majority of our web sites using Macromedia and Microsoft products. Therefore, it is much easier for minor changes to be made by you! We even hold training classes and one-on-one training for Macromedia / Microsoft products to show you how. Of course, if you prefer, we will always be glad to make your updates and changes for you.

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Phase Two - More Complicated Feature

After your initial Web site has been active for a few months, review the results, improve weak areas and add new features. Some new features to consider include:

  • Create reasons on your web site for your customers and prospects to come back: discounts, specials, news, announcements, links, etc.
  • Create mailing list for your customers and prospects: news, discussion groups, specials, etc.
  • Add your newsletter. If you are currently creating a newsletter, PSIsites can convert your existing newsletter into a Adobe PDF file, to be placed on your web site each month or quarter.
  • Add a Flash introduction page with increased graphics, animation, sound and multimedia.
  • Improve ordering procedures for your product / services with e-commerce. Increase your product offering, add a shopping cart feature for easier ordering, add secure credit card transaction processing, add the ability to search through your products, etc.
  • Offer improved support for your products and services. This may include: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section, searchable database of problems and solutions, customer discussion group, error / support form for easy reporting of an error or support problem, etc.
  • Link your accounting system and other software with your web site.

In conclusion...

PSIsites is here to help you plan, design, implement and market your web site. We are dedicated to helping you obtain the best possible web site for the least cost. Since we offer a turnkey solution (Internet access, web hosting, hardware, networking, data lines, etc.), you will know who to call if you have questions and problems. In addition, after being in business for over 30 years, we plan on being here in the future.

For more information about web design, please contact us online.

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