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Our Process

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Step 4 - Feedback
Step 1 - Planning
Step 3 - Development
Step 2 - Design
  • Consultation with client
    • Discuss current site / other sites / likes / dislikes
    • Suggested improvements / new technologies
    • Discuss hosting / available applications / other options
  • Project design overview
  • Discussions with client
  • Project design definition
  • Content outline
    • Site diagram
    • Required web applications
    • Required web databases / development / hosting requirements
  • Logo design and approval (optional)
  • Draft "Look and Feel" of site - primary and secondary page
  • Client review
  • Update / finish"Look and Feel" / client approval
  • Build site
  • Integrate any applications / development / databases
  • If using applications - train client early
  • Add content to site
  • Review site and functionality
  • Client review of site
  • Make corrections / revisions
  • Final review of site with client
  • Search Engine Optimization / Marketing
  • Client training (site maintenance / applications / SEO / etc.)
  • Launch site
  • Implement maintenance plan

Web Design Process:

An initial consultation with the client will start the design or redesign process and include discussions about the current site, what needs to be changed / updated / improved / future business plans and goals, what other sites they like or dislike, suggested improvements and new technologies.

A project design overview is then created and discussed with the client in detail. After several reviews and modifications, the final project design definition is finished and sent to the client for approval.

The design stage will begin with the design of a logo (if not already available) and the selection of the primary colors. A graphical "Look and Feel" proof of the main page and a secondary page are then designed and sent to the client for review. Multiple modifications may be necessary to refine the look. Once the desired look is achieved, the proof is approved by the client.

The development of the new web site will then begin by converting the graphical proof of the site into the actual web site using various professional design and coding tools. The navigation and design of the sub content pages are then created. If applications or databases are being used (like e-commerce), they are also implemented and integrated into the site design. Client application training is performed early so there will be plenty of time for learning and implementation. We will also work very closely with the client to obtain, refine and insert the web site content into the new design.

Once the web site is finished, the review process will begin. The complete site will be tested and reviewed by us and the client. All necessary changes and updates will be applied and the final review will be performed.

Finally, the web site is launched. Search engine optimization / marketing and maintenance plans are then discussed with the client.