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Web Design and Development - Email Spam Blocker

Are you tired of receiving spam and viruses with your email?

How much time and money are you spending on spam and viruses?

The Pro Systems Email Spam Blocker uses the latest in spam blocking technology to prevent up to 98% of incoming spam from reaching your users.

Our Email Spam Blocker's first level of spam deterrent utilizes the traditional "Real Time Blacklist" method. This process compares the source IP address of the sending mail server and verifies it against a consistently updated list of known spam sources, if a known source is detected the server does not accept the connection.

Our Email Spam Blocker's second level of spam deterrent utilizes a powerful content filter and email scanner which provides sophisticated message filtering and classification. The service leverages advanced pattern recognition technologies to simultaneously apply thousands of heuristic algorithms. The efficiency, speed and depth of this technology make it practical to filter email messages based on content - in real time with no discernible latency - an average email takes less than 1 second to process.

The Pro Systems Email Spam Blocker utilizes an advanced spam filtering database which is maintained and updated around the clock by examining and categorizing unsolicited commercial email messages, pornography advertisements, and other unwanted content. This content is captured by our research team using anonymous "spamtrap" accounts across the Internet. These accounts allow us to identify and remove unsolicited bulk mailings without accessing your personal email. This ensures the highest level of privacy for your users. By incorporating this revolutionary method we have significantly reduced the amount of false positives traditionally experienced by legacy anti-spam methods.

Our Email Spam Blocker's third level of spam deterrent utilizes traditional keyword and key phrase method. This method scans the header and body of an email message and compares it against known keywords and phrases, if detected action can be taken to re-route, delete, or quarantine the message. The default is to do no keyword or key phrase processing.

When spam messages are detected, they may be routed to a specific email address within the customer's domain (spam@customer.com) or deleted.

Daily, weekly or monthly summary reporting is also included.

Both services, Email Spam Blocker / Email Virus Blocker, are included for one low price.

Prices start at $ 25.00 setup and $ 25.00 per month (1-25 email address for one domain).

For more information, please contact us online or by calling 1-800-849-0001.