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Web Design and Development - Email Virus Blocker

Are you tired of receiving spam and viruses with your email?

How much time and money are you spending on spam and viruses?

The Pro Systems Email Virus Blocker uses the latest in virus blocking technology to prevent up to 99.8% of email viruses from reaching your users.

Our Virus Blocker first scans any HTML header and body information for dangerous or malicious content.

Virus Blocker next takes a 3-tiered approach to scan each message using the latest commercially available virus scanners. If a virus is found within a message or attachment, it is immediately removed from the system. An email notification is sent to the sender and receiver of the message indicating the action taken. All virus signatures are updated every 60 minutes to ensure up-to-date scanning processes.

Daily, weekly or monthly summary reporting is also included.

Both services, Email Spam Blocker / Email Virus Blocker, are included for one low price.

Prices start at $ 25.00 setup and $ 25.00 per month (1-25 email address for one domain).

For more information, please contact us online or by calling 1-800-849-0001.